We are so joyful that you found us. Grab a cup of tea and stay awhile.

Be Well Wash was founded to make our little slice of the world fresher and happy. We believe that everyone deserves a chemical and synthetic-free clean, from our bodies to our laundry to our air. With our One for One program, we donate one bar of soap for every bar purchased to our local women’s and children’s shelters, community clinics and outreach programs, and charity fundraising events. Your purchase can make a fundamental difference in the lives of your fellow humans. Clean is confidence.

Our labels are made with 100% recycled products, so please be cautious when you discard and we encourage you to recycle when possible.

We try to keep it really simple. Our cold-process soaps are made by hand, by us, in our kitchen. The herbs we use were either grown by us or sourced from local growers who share our principles. We use upcycled soap molds for a variety of rustic shapes. Our oils and essential oils are organic and sustainable. Labels are printed with soy ink on recycled paper.

Kate and Tiff came together through their mutual enjoyment of studying and performing ethnic dance. Kate’s infectious laughter and easy-going flair for life clicked with Tiff’s zen-like, observational nature. They soon found they had more in common: their love for rescue dogs, flowers, hiking in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains, volunteering, and living a conscientious lifestyle.

In 2012, finding themselves both on a life-centering journey and with a lot of time on their hands, they started experimenting with making beauty products they could trust. Tiff just happened to love gardening and could follow a recipe while Kate came up with the ideas and the scent combinations inspired by our love of nature. The idea for Be Well Wash was formed.

More than money, fame, or accolades, they want to give, be clean, and enjoy life. We invite you to join us in this mission.

We hope you enjoy your soap as much as we enjoy making it.

Be Well. Smile Always. Do Good.

Kate & Tiff

Makers/Clean Ladies/Givers